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LEON C/C++ IDE for Eclipse


Aeroflex Gaisler provides a plugin for the Eclipse framework, which allows the
Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling - CDT to be used for the development of LEON applications. The plugin makes it possible to cross-compile C and C++ application for LEON and ERC32, and to debug them on either simulator and target hardware (TSIM or GRMON).

The debugger interface to GRMON/TSIM over GDB has limited performance and is not recommended for slower debug links such as over UART. Disabling thread support improves the performance by reducing the number of accesses to the target. If debugging is too slow it is recommended to use the Eclipse environment for application development only and rely on the command line interface of GDB/GRMON for debugging instead.

The plugin is currently provided free of charge. Technical support is only provided to customers with a valid technical support contract.

System requirements

  • Unix or Windows workstation
  • Java 5 or newer
  • Eclipse 4.3
  • CDT
  • Cygwin/MinGW (on windows hosts)
  • GRMON version 1.1.43 or later
  • GRMON version 2.0.37 or later
  • Desired tool chains

Supported toolchains

  • BCC 1.0.44
  • RTEMS 4.8 1.1.3
  • RTEMS 4.10.1 1.2.13
  • ThreadX


Starting with version 1.3.1 it is possible to open or import projects created with version 1.2.5 or earlier. Please create a backup before attempting this. Either open the old workspace which will convert all projects, or create a new workspace and use File -> Import... -> General -> Existing projects into Workspace. Eclipse will warn that the project is stored with an old format and ask if you want to convert. Answer Yes.


Download and install the Eclipse IDE for C/C++ developers from Eclipse downloads. It contains both Eclipse and the CDT environment.

To install or update LEON IDE use the Software Update feature of Eclipse

Eclipse 4.3 Kepler

  1. Select Help->Install New Software...
  2. Press Add
  3. In the Name field enter LIDE and and at Location enter and click OK
  4. Select LEON IDE and click Next  and then continue with the installation wizard until it's finished.
    Eclipse must be restarted before the new plugin/updates are recognized.

The LEON IDE is also available for manual installation:

More information is available in the LEON IDE manual.