LEON Development Boards


Product ID Description Device
GR-CPCI-GR740 GR740 Quad-Core LEON4FT Development Board GR740
GR-VPX-GR740 GR740 Quad-Core LEON4FT Development Board - OpenVPX GR740
GR712RC-BOARD GR712RC Dual-core LEON3FT Development board GR712RC
GR716-MINI GR716 Software Evaluation board GR716
GR716-BOARD GR716 Hardware Engineering board GR716
GR-CPCI-GR716-DEV GR716 Interface Development board GR716
GR718B-BOARD GR718B SpaceWire Router Development board GR718B
GR-CPCI-XC7K Xilinx Kintex 7, Compact PCI FPGA Development board XC7K32ST
Xilinx Virtex 5, PCI FPGA Development board XC5VLX50
GR-CPCI-XC4V Xilinx Virtex 4 Compact-PCI FPGA Development board XC4VLX100

Overview brochure for LEON3 development boards. To order, go to the board ordering page.

There are several mezzanine boards especially developed for the above development boards.

There are several accessory boards developed for the above development boards.

The application note on mezzanine connectors describes the pin numbering used for the AMP connectors.



The GR-VPX-XCKU060 carrier board and the GR-HPCB-FMC-M2 mezzanine board are developed as part of the High-Performance Compute Board project. This is an ongoing project and the information on this page are preliminary specifications.


The GR-VPX-XCKU060 board features a Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale 060 FPGA and a GR716 microcontroller acting as a supervisor for the FPGA.

The FPGA development board GR-VPX-XCKU060 has the following features:

  • Xilinx XCKU060, in 1517 pin FCBGA package
  • GR716B (initially with GR716A) microcontroller
  • SODIMM DDR3 up to 8 GiB
  • SPI flash for FPGA configuration (512 Mbit), for GR716 boot (256 Mbit), and for data (256 Mbit)
  • Power, Reset, Clock and Auxiliary circuits
  • Three FMC Mezzanine expansion connectors
  • Scrubbing interface for FPGA
  • Backplane I/F: SpaceWire (control), SpaceFibre (data), VPX utility management
  • Frontplane I/F and drivers: 4x SpaceFibre, 2x SpaceWire, USB/FTDI UART/JTAG Links, USB I/F to FMC
  • OpenVPX compatible, 6U format, Payload profile

The GR-HPCB-FMC-M2 mezzanine has been designed for use with the GR-VPX-XCKU060 carrier board and has the following features:

  • Intel Myriad2 MA2450
  • SPI flash 256 Mbit for optional boot mode
  • Local supply and power sequencing
  • Latch-up protection evaluation circuitry
  • The mezzanine board is intended for prototyping only


  • Product sheet / collateral expected in Q1 2021
  • Development board availability expected Q2 2021