Cobham Gaisler AB provides IP cores and supporting development tools for embedded processors based on the SPARC architecture. We specialize in digital hardware design for both commercial and aerospace applications

Cobham Gaisler / Pender Electronic Design

Product ID Description Device
GR-CPCI-GR740 Quad-Core LEON4-FT Development Board GR740
GR712RC-BOARD Cobham Gaisler Dual-core LEON3FT Development board GR712RC
GR718B-BOARD Cobham Gaisler Dual-core LEON3FT Development board GR718B
GR-CPCI-UT699 Cobham UT699 Compact-PCI board Cobham UT699
GR-CPCI-LEON4-N2X Quad-Core LEON4 Next Generation Microprocessor Evaluation Board LEON4-N2X
GR-CPCI-XC7K Virtex-Xilinx Kintex-7 FPGA development board XC7K32ST
GR-XC6S-LX75 Low-cost Spartan6 FPGA Development board Xilinx XC6SLX75
Xilinx Virtex 5, PCI FPGA Development board XC5VLX50
GR-CPCI-XC4V Virtex-IV Compact-PCI FPGA Development board XC4VLX100
Actel AX2000 Compact-PCI FPGA Development board Actel AX2000
GR-MCC-C Actel ProASIC3 FPGA Development board Actel A3PE3000E

Overview brochure for LEON3 development boards. To order, go to the board ordering page.

There are several mezzanine boards especially developed for the above development boards.

There are several accessory boards developed for the above development boards.

The application note on mezzanine connectors describes the pin numbering used for the AMP connectors.

GR-XCKU Development Board



  • Xilinx XCKU060, in 1156 pin BGA package
  • Memory
  • SDRAM, 40 bit wide,(3 x ISSI IS42VM16320E, 512M, 1.8V, 133MHz 32Mx16)
  • SRAM, 40 bit wide (3 x Cypress CY62187EV30, 4Mx16)
  • Parallel Boot flash, 40 bit wide (3 x Micron SST38VF6401, 64Mx16)
  • Power, Reset, Clock and Auxiliary circuits
  • Three FMC Mezzanine expansion connectors
  • Interface circuits required for the interface features listed below


The interface connectors on the Front edge of the board provide:

  • 4 port SPW interface (4 x MDM9S)
  • Two CAN bus interfaces
  • Three UART style RS232 interfaces


The interface connectors on the Back edge of the board provide:

  • Input power connector: +12V nom.
  • Reset and FPGA Configuration push-buttons
  • SMB connector for External clock input
  • LED indicator for +12V power


Additionally, on-board headers and components provide access to the following functio