GR765 Octa-Core Processor


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The GR765 is the next-generation radiation-hardened fault-tolerant octa-core system-on-chip, with the bootstrap option to select between LEON5FT SPARC V8 and NOEL-V RV64 RISC-V processor cores. It supports DDR2/3/4 SDRAM and NAND Flash memory with advanced error detection and correction capabilities. The communication interfaces include a SpaceWire router, SpaceFibre, Ethernet, MIL-STD-1553, and CAN-FD interfaces. 



  • Processor target frequency: 1 GHz
  • Target technology: STM 28nm FDSOI
  • TID immunity: 50 krad (Si) assured by
    technology - device targets higher tolerance
  • Main memory interface: DDR3 SDRAM fault-tolerant memory controller with dual x8 device correction capability
  • High Speed Serial Links: SpaceFibre and WizardLink controllers with on-chip SerDes
GR765 block diagram


  • 8x Fault-tolerant LEON5FT or NOEL-V FT with dedicated FPU and MMU
  • 32 KiB per core L1 cache, connected to advanced interconnect providing multiple-parallel paths between processors and Level-2 Cache
  • 2+ MiB L2 cache, 512-bit cache line, 4-ways
  • DDR2/3/4 SDRAM
  • DMA controllers
  • SpaceFibre x4+ lanes 6.25 Gbit/s, simpler protocols (Wizard link)
  • 12-port SpaceWire router with +4 internal ports
  • 3x 10/100/1000 Mbit Ethernet with TT Ethernet support. TSN support TBD.
  • 2x MIL-STD-1553B
  • 4x CAN FD
  • 12 x UART
  • 2x SPI master/slave, GPIO, Timers & Watchdog
  • 2x I2C interface
  • NAND Flash controller interface
  • FPGA Supervisor interface
  • SoC Bridge interface for efficient connection to companion FPGAs
  • High-pin count – LGA1752
  • Debug links: Ethernet, JTAG, SpaceWire, CAN


The GR765 is targeted at high-performance general-purpose processing with support for mixed-criticality applications. The architecture is suitable for both symmetric and asymmetric multiprocessing and contains design extensions to provide hardware support for isolation between mixed-criticality applications.

Software Support

The GR765 is immediately supported by development tools such as the GRMON software debugger and various compilers and operating systems and a flight-quality boot loader for flight.

Development Board

We can provide FPGA prototypes of the GR765 design for various FPGA platforms.


Document File

GR765 Data Sheet and User’s Manual

Please contact us.


The full GR765 development from concept to flight model availability has the following engineering activities:

  • Phase 1 - Front end design and prototype development.
  • Phase 2 - FM development. Output: GR765-XX – GR765 prototypes without an established production test program
    • GR765-XX plastic package development
    • GR765-XX manufacturing
  • Phase 3 - Output: GR765 prototypes, triple-temp test prototypes  and flight models
    • GR765-XX electrical test
    • GR765-XX ESD tests
    • GR765-XX radiation validation
    • GR765-CP/MP/MS manufacturing (same design as GR765-XX)
    • GR765-CP/MP/MS electrical test
    • GR765-MS validation