Astronomisk Ungdom
is a non-profit youth organization with the aim of promoting interest in astronomy and space exploration among young people in Sweden.

Astronomins dag och natt
is a space festival with events throughout the countryThe festival is organized by various organizers around Sweden who, in different ways, highlight astronomy and space exploration.


is a society for students at the Chalmers University of Technology with a burning interest in space and space technology and with a drive to get practical experience in the area. They design and develop rockets in order to take Chalmers closer to the dream: A rocket that surpasses the Kármán line


is a wholly-owned corporation within the Västra Götaland region with the mission to provide all residents with access to opera, dance, and musicals.


The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra is the region’s leading music institution with the main responsibility for developing forms in which classical music becomes more important to the region’s inhabitants. The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra – the Swedish National Orchestra – contributes to the region’s attractiveness through its ambassadorship in the national and international arena.