Cobham Gaisler AB provides IP cores and supporting development tools for embedded processors based on the SPARC architecture. We specialize in digital hardware design for both commercial and aerospace applications

VxWorks 7 SPARC architectural port and BSP

Cobham Gaisler provides a LEON SPARC architectural port (HAL) and board support packages (BSPs) for WindRiver VxWorks 7 (SR0610). Development is supported on both Linux and Windows hosts.

The LEON SPARC port is provided in source code and is based on release SR0610 of VxWorks. A WindRiver source license for VxWorks 7 is required.

VxWorks 7

VxWorks 7 for LEON contents

  • VxWorks 7 SPARC architectural port (HAL), supporting both LEON2 and LEON3/4
  • BSPs for GR712RC-BOARD, UT700 LEAP, GR-CPCI-UT699, GR-CPCI-GR740, GR-CPCI-AT697, and a generic LEON BSP for custom systems
  • SMP with time/space partitioning support (**)
  • MMU and non-MMU support
  • Support for FPU and non-FPU system
  • GCC 7.2 and LLVM 8 with C11/C++11 support
  • Workbench debugging using TCF
  • Workbench analysis tools support
  • Drivers for on-chip peripherals (UART, Timer, Interrupt controller)
  • GRETH (10/100/1000) network driver
  • SpaceWire support (GRSPW)
  • SpaceWire Router support (GRSPWROUTER)
  • CAN support, non-DMA (OCCAN) and DMA (GRCAN) (*)
  • GPIO support
  • 1553 BC, RT and BM support (GR1553B) and basic support for B1553BRM BC, RT and BM
  • USB 1.1 and/or 2.0 support (GRUSBHC) (*)
  • I2C Master (I2CMST)
  • PCI support (GRPCI2, GRPCI)
  • Linux, Windows 7, and Windows 10 toolchains

(*) Entries marked with a star are in the process of being ported to VxWorks 7.
(**) Time and space partitioning refers to the RTP time partitioning scheduler
available in VxWorks 7 Plus.