VxWorks 7 SPARC architectural port and BSP

We provide a LEON SPARC architectural port (HAL) and board support packages (BSPs) for WindRiver VxWorks 7 (SR0650). Development is supported on both Linux and Windows hosts.

The LEON SPARC port is provided in source code and is based on release SR0650 of VxWorks. A WindRiver source license for VxWorks 7 is required.

We provide VxWorks 7 SR0650 board support packages for NOEL-V compliant to 32- and 64-bit RISC-V ISA, for example for the NOEL-XCKU (Xilinx KCU105 template design) . For more information please contact sales@gaisler.com.

VxWorks 7

VxWorks 7 for LEON contents

  • VxWorks 7 SPARC architectural port (HAL), supporting both LEON2 and LEON3/4
  • BSPs for GR712RC-BOARD, UT700 LEAP, GR-CPCI-UT699, GR-CPCI-GR740, GR-CPCI-AT697, and a generic LEON BSP for custom systems
  • SMP with time/space partitioning support (**)
  • MMU and non-MMU support
  • Support for FPU and non-FPU system
  • GCC 10.2 and LLVM 8 with C11/C++11 support
  • Workbench debugging using TCF
  • Workbench analysis tools support
  • Drivers for on-chip peripherals (UART, Timer, Interrupt controller)
  • GRETH (10/100/1000) network driver
  • SpaceWire support (GRSPW)
  • SpaceWire Router support (GRSPWROUTER)
  • CAN support, non-DMA (OCCAN (*)) and DMA (GRCAN, GRCANFD)
  • GPIO support
  • 1553 BC, RT and BM support (GR1553B) and basic support for B1553BRM BC, RT and BM
  • USB 1.1 and/or 2.0 support (GRUSBHC) (*)
  • I2C Master (I2CMST)
  • PCI support (GRPCI2, GRPCI)
  • Linux, Windows 7, and Windows 10 toolchains

(*) Available on request.
(**) Time and space partitioning refers to the RTP time partitioning scheduler
available in VxWorks 7 Plus.