Services & Support

We offer support to assist in the creation of successful products. Our design team has the skills and experience on projects ranging from feasibility studies to complex multi-processor SoC developments. Design services are offered to meet the customer requirements when deploying our technology, including:

  • Support and advice on NOEL and LEON systems
  • Experienced SoC engineers to assist with IP integration in SoC developments
  • IP core development
  • SoC system, sub-system and IP block architectural investigation, design, specification and validation
  • Evaluation boards and FPGA development
  • Third party IP evaluation
  • OS porting — RTEMS, WxWorks, Linux and other major RTOS

Predefined support contracts can be ordered here.

We also maintain a Discourse forum for those interested in the open source company's processor products.


When contacting support, please identify yourself in full, including company affiliation and site name and address.
Please identify exactly what product that is used, specifying if it is an IP core (with full name of the library distribution archive file), component, software version, compiler version, operating system version, debug tool version, simulator tool version, board version, etc.
If the product is a processor or other type of component, please also provide a GRMON log file generated with the "-log logfile.txt" command line switch at start up.
The support service is only for paying customers with a support contract.