Cobham Gaisler is a world leader in embedded computer systems for harsh environments, with footprints in many parts of the solar system. We provide the full ecosystem to support digital hardware design for mission critical System-on-a-Chip solutions. The IP cores and development tools support processors based on the SPARC and RISC-V architectures. In addition to this, a number of standard components are available.

GR-CPCI-GR740 Quad-Core LEON4FT Development Board

The GR-CPCI-GR740 development board has been designed to support the development and fast prototyping of systems based on the Cobham Gaisler GR740 quad-core 32-bit fault-tolerant LEON4FT SPARC V8 processor.

The GR-CPCI-GR740 Development Board comprises a custom designed PCB in a 6U Compact PCI format, making the board suitable for stand-alone bench top development, or if required, to be mounted in a 6U CPCI Rack, or in a bench-top enclosure. The principle interfaces and functions are accessible on the front and back edges of the board, and secondary interfaces via headers on the board. The  GR-CPCI-GR740 Development Board comes as standard with a dedicated accessory board which provides access to additional I/O interfaces.



  • GR740 quad-core 32-bit fault-tolerant LEON4FT SPARC V8 processor
  • cPCI interface (32 bit) configurable with jumpers for Host or Peripheral operation
  • PCI arbiter implemented in separate FPGA
  • On-board memory:
    • SDRAM SODIMM module - Delivered with two 256 MiB modules that provide a total 256 MiB of accessible data RAM plus ECC check bits.
    • Parallel Boot Flash 64 Mbit (16 bit wide x 4M or 8 bit wide x 8M)
    • Additional memory via memory expansion connector
  • Power, reset, clock and auxiliary circuits
  • Interfaces at front edge of board:
    • Dual RJ45 10/100/1000 Mbit GMII/MII Ethernet interface (KSZ9021GN)
    • 8 port SpaceWire interface (8x MDM9S)
    • SpaceWire debug communications link (MDM9S)
    • 16-bit General purpose I/O (34 pin 0.1" ribbon cable style connector)
    • FTDI Serial to USB interface (FT4232HL with USB-Mini-AB)
    • LED indicators connected to GPIO signals
    • DIP switch for bootstrap and PLL interface configuration
    • Push button switch for reset and toggle switch (on/off) for DSU break
  • Interfaces at back edge of board:
    • Compact PCI interface (32-bit), configurable for Host or Peripheral slot
    • Input power connector: 5V nominal
  • Interfaces on-board:
    • SPI  interface on pin headers
    • JTAG Debug interface
    • 4-pin IDE style power connector
    • Assorted jumpers and Test Points for configuration and test of the board
  • To accommodate the optional/alternative I/O interfaces the accompanying accessory board provides
    • Dual MIL-1553 Interface (Transceiver/Transformer and D-sub 9 Male connector)
    • Dual CAN Interface (CAN Transceivers and two D-sub 9 Male connectors)
    • Two Serial UART (RS232 transceivers and two D-sub 9 female connectors)
    • SPI interface (available via 10 pin header)

Note: The product picture on this page show the board with a socket holding the GR740. The standard configuration of the GR-CPCI-GR740 is to have the GR740 device directly soldered on the PCB.


Document File
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GR-CPCI-GR740 User's Manual alt GR-CPCI-GR740-UM.pdf (May 2019)
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