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GR718B Development Board

The GR718B development board has been designed to support the development and fast prototyping of systems based on the Cobham Gaisler GR718B Radiation-Tolerant 18x SpaceWire Router.

The GR718B Development Board comprises a custom designed PCB in a 6U Compact PCI format, making the board suitable for stand-alone bench top development, or if required, to be mounted in a 6U CPCI Rack, or in a bench-top enclosure. The principle interfaces and functions are accessible on the front and back edges of the board, and secondary interfaces via headers on the board.GR718B development board


  • GR718B Radiation-Tolerant 18x SpaceWire Router
  • Power, reset, clock and auxiliary circuits
  • Mezzanine connector to provide access to the status and control signals of the GR718B device, and to enable a user defined mezzanine to be implemented
  • Interfaces at front edge of board:
        • 18 SpaceWire (LVDS) interfaces (18x MDM9S)
        • 24-bit General purpose I/O (26 pin 0.1" ribbon cable style connector)
        • FTDI Serial to USB interface (FT4232HL with USB-Mini-AB)24 front panel
        • LED's indicating the high/low state of the multi-function GPIO pins
        • LED indicators for power status
        • Push button switch for reset
  • Interfaces at back edge of board:
    • Compact PCI connector to provide input power (+5V)
    • Input power connector: 5V nominal
  • Interface on-board:
        • SPI interface
        • ADC and DAC interface
        • Serial Debug Interface (RS232)
        • JTAG Debug Interface
        • Assorted jumpers and Test Points for configuration and test of the board


Document File
GR718B Development Board User's Manual gr718B-board.pdfalt
GR718B Development Board Product Documentation CD GR718B_20171016.iso
GR718B device information