MKPROM2 is a utility program which converts a LEON RAM application image into a bootable ROM image. The resulting bootable ROM image contains system initialization code, an application loader and the RAM application itself. The RAM application is compressed with a modified LZSS algorithm, typically achieving a compression factor of 2.

The system initialization code and the application loader operates in the following steps:

  • The register files of IU and FPU (if present) are initialized.
  • The memory controller, UARTs and timer unit are initialized according to the specified options.
  • EDAC protected memory is initialized.
  • The RAM application image stored in ROM is decompressed into RAM.
  • Finally, the application is started, setting the stack pointer to the top of RAM.

MKPROM2 can create boot images for ERC32 and LEON2/3/4 systems.

An MKPROM2 boot image can be stored in ROM, PROM, MRAM or FLASH memory for a completely stand-alone system.

Documentation and download

MKPROM2 User's Manual.

MKPROM2 binaries for Linux and Windows

The binary archives include the full source code of MKPROM2.