GR716 Evaluation and Development Boards

We provide two development kits for the GR716 microcontroller. The GR716 Evaluation Board that is intended for rapid evaluation of the microcontroller architecture and the GR716 Development Board that provides access to all interfaces and additional extension options. The development boards are complemented by the TSIM3 simulator, the BCC2 toolchain and the GRMON3 debugger.

GR716-MINI Evaluation Board - GR716 Evaluation Board (supported by GRMON3 Evaluation version)

Baseline design for evaluation board: GR716-MINI

  • GR716 microcontroller
  • SPI Flash PROM (32 MiB)
  • SRAM (2 MiB)
  • FTDI USB interface
          • GRMON3 debug I/F via Debug UART
          • 2x UART interfaces, 1x I2C interface
          • Control of reset, configuration pins etc.
          • Power supply
  • 4x MMCX (micro-miniature coaxial):
          • 2x ADC, 2x DAC
  • Miniature 80 pin mezzanine connector:
          • Addition ADC, DAC, LVDS, GPIO, etc.
  • Oscillator
  • LED for power indication etc.
  • 50mm x 35mm (37.5% of a credit card)

Shipped with:

  • free GRMON3 GUI (limited ) download
  • free compilers, OS, tools downloads
  • USB cable (debug and power)


Document File
GR716-MINI user manual GR716-MINI user manual.pdf
GR716-MINI Quick Start Guide altGR716-MINI Quick Start Guide.pdf
GR716-MINI examples

For additional documents, please see the GR716 product page.

GR716-BOARD Development Board - Daughter, GR716 Development Board, daughter

Baseline design for development board:GR716-BOARD

  • GR716 microcontroller
  • SPI Flash PROM (32 MiB)
  • PCI104 style stackable headers (2 x 64 pin) for interfaces
        • Measurement points on all GPIO/interface signals for monitoring/debug
        • Interface to user defined modules (memory, digital I/F, analog I/F)
        • Interface to cPCI mother board in 6U rack or box format
  • Debug UART /IF
  • LVDS in/out (3+3 pairs) for 1x SpW or x SPI for Space
  • GPIO (64 pins)
        • Digital I/O
        • External memory I/F
        • 6x UART
        • Mil-Std-1553B, PacketWire, CAN, I2C, 3x SPI, 16x PWM out
        • 8x analog in, 4x analog out, external ADC/ADC interface
        • 1x SpaceWire, 1x TDP
  • Socketed oscillator (5–25MHz)
  • DIP-switch for bootstrap options
  • Powered from external supply (range 5V to 12V)
  • Single supply operation or individual supplies
  • 80mm x 100mm format


Document File
GR716-BOARD user manual GR716-BOARD user manual.pdf
GR716-BOARD Quick Start Guide altGR716-BOARD Quick Start Guide.pdf
GR716-BOARD examples

For additional documents, please see the GR716 product page.

GR-CPCI-GR716-DEV Interface Board - mother only (always quoted with separate GR716-BOARD)

Note: GR-CPCI-GR716-DEV is only the mother board and requires the GR716-BOARD daughter board to be useful.

Baseline design for interface application board:GR-CPCI-GR716-DEV

  • GR716-BOARD engineering board in dedicated slot
        • Multiple slots for possibility to attach multiple GR716 engineering boards
  • Expansion slot for memory or user defined functions (e.g. SRAM, ADC/DAC)
  • Socketed oscillators for system, SpaceWire, Mil-Std-1553B and PWM clocks
  • Configuration of front panel functions
  • Front panel interfaces
        • MDM9S for fixed SpW (LVDS) interface
        • MDM9S for configurable SpW/SPI4S (LVDS) interface
        • GPIO (64 pins on standard 0.1" connectors)
        • LED indicators (64) for GPIO pins
        • DIP switch for bootstrap options
        • Reset and DSU Break push-button switches
        • LEDs for power and reset status
        • FTDI USB interface
              • GRMON3 debug I/F via Debug UART
              • 2x UART interfaces, 1x I2C interface
  • Power from external supply (range +5V to +12V) or via cPCI backplane connector (+5V)
  • Expansion through the accessory boards (shipped with GR-CPCI-GR716-DEV) provides 
        • 6x UARTs using GR-ACC-6U-UART accessory board
        • CAN, Mil-Std-1553B, SPI using a GR-ACC-GR740 accessory board 
  • 233mm x 160mm, 6U cPCI format, 2 slot wide front panel


Document File
GR716 DEV BOARD user manual GR716 DEV BOARD user manual.pdf
GR716 DEV BOARD Quick Start Guide altGR716 DEV BOARD Quick Start Guide.pdf
GR716 DEV BOARD examples

For additional documents, please see the GR716 product page.


GR716-DEV Development Board Kit Contents

Development Board:
  • GR716-DEV Development Board
Accessory Board:
  • GR716-CONFIG Interface Board
Cable Set:
  • Power Supply, 100-240V AC to 5V DC, plug in type
  • USB-A to MiniAB Cable