Section IP Cores

We develop VHDL IP cores using a novel high-level design methodology. Most cores are distributed as part of the GRLIB IP Library, providing an integrated SoC development platform. Based on the AMBA bus standard, the GRLIB IP library contains advanced high-quality cores such as the LEON3 SPARC processor, LEON4 SPARC processor, a fully pipelined double-precision IEEE-754 floating point unit, a 32-bit master/target PCI core with DMA and FIFOs, memory controllers, SpaceWire codec with RMAP support, 10/100/1000 Mbit ethernet MAC, USB host and device controllers, CAN controllers, timer, interrupt controller, UART, VGA controller, PS/2 interface, GPIO, AES cryptography and many more.

An evaluation version of the GRLIB IP Library is freely distributed in full source code under the GNU GPL open-source license. This provides a unique opportunity for both corporate and academic user to evaluate and utilise the cores in the library. For commercial applications where the GPL license cannot be applied, We offer low-cost commercial IP licenses for the whole library, or parts thereof.

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