About Us

We provide IP cores and supporting development tools for embedded processors based on the SPARC architecture. The key product is the LEON synthesizable processor model together with a full development environment and a library of IP cores (GRLIB). Our personnel have extended design experience, and have been involved in establishing European standards for ASIC and FPGA development. We have a long experience in the management of ASIC development projects, and in the design of flight quality microelectronic devices. The company specializes in digital hardware design (ASIC/FPGA) for both commercial and aerospace applications. We offer services and products in the following fields:

  • Microprocessor development
  • Advanced IP cores for SOC design
  • VHDL-based ASIC and FPGA design
  • Cross-compilation systems and real-time kernels
  • High-performance simulators
  • FPGA and ASIC development boards
  • CCSDS/AOS telemetry and telecommand systems
  • Fault-tolerant computer design

We also offer technical support for ERC32 and LEON processors in the following areas:

  • Processor operation, interfacing and utilisation
  • RCC and BCC compilation system
  • RTEMS board support package development
  • LEON VHDL model utilisation
  • TSIM simulator
  • GRMON software debugger