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We provide high-performance behavioral simulators of the LEON processors. The simulators are developed for accurate behavior and timing in terms of simulation time. Using the simulators, it is possible to develop and debug target applications before the real hardware is available, thereby shortening the product development cycle.

TSIM3 introduces new functionality such as multi-core models for GR740/GR712RC, Tcl frontend for easier automation, new IO models and improved APIs, GDB-8 support, and so on while still maintaining functionality and the accuracy profile of TSIM2 allowing efficient SW V&V development also for multi-core systems.

TSIM can operate in tree modes: standalone, used as a library and attached to GDB. In standalone mode, LEON applications can be loaded and simulated using a scriptable Tcl based command line interface. A number of commands are available to drive, investigate and interact with the simulation. When TSIM is used is a library. TSIM can be driven via a C API. This API makes standalone commands available as well as additional functionality. When attached to GDB, TSIM acts as a remote GDB target. Applications are loaded and debugged through GDB (or a GDB front-end such as DDD or Eclipse). It this mode it is also possible to use the standalone commands.

TSIM3-LEON4 simulates quad-core GR740, TSIM3-LEON3 simulates dual-core GR712RC, GR716A, GR716B, UT699, UT699E, UT700 and a generic configurable LEON3 while TSIM3 GR716 only simulates the GR716A and GR716B, TSIM3-LEON2 simulates AT697E and a generic configurable LEON2.

Product descriptions

TSIM3 LEON4 simulator 

TSIM3 LEON3 simulator

TSIM3 LEON2 simulator

TSIM3 GR716 LEON3 simulator