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The GR-SBC-GR740 single-board computer (SBC) utilizes the GR740, a quad-core LEON4FT radiation-hardened microprocessor. Paired with 512 MiB of EDAC-protected SDRAM, it delivers exceptional performance in a compact form factor, making it the perfect choice to control small satellites and payloads. Furthermore, the board includes mounting holes to simplify its integration across diverse units.

•  High-performance computing platform for space applications
 • Based on the GR740 Quad-Core LEON4FT SPARC
   V8 rad-hard microprocessor
• Small form factor (96 x 120 mm)
• Single DC +5V power supply
• SpaceWire links up to 200 Mbps
• VxWorks, PikeOS, and RTEMS operating systems
• Flight-qualified boot loader (GRBOOT) available
TSIM3-LEON4 instruction-level simulator available



Form factor (96 mm x 120 mm)
SDRAM Memory 512MiB + 256 MiB ECC (3D PLUS)
MRAM Boot Memory 64 KIB (3D PLUS)
SPI Application Storage Memory 32 MIB (Infineon Technologies)
SpaceWire Links 2x links in MDM9; 4x links in MHD100;
Radiation Tolerance Total dose: 50 Krad (Si); SEL immunity > 60 MeV.cm²/mg
Processor Operating Frequency 250 MHz
Power dissipation < 7 W
Power supply +5V
GR-SBC-GR740 block diagram


GR-SBC-GR740 Data Sheet and User's Manual

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