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LEON3-FT-RTAX used as instrument controller in the BepiColombo satellite  

Gaisler Research AB announced that a license agreement has been signed for the use of the Fault Tolerant LEON3 processor with DLR (Germany). The LEON3 and the GRLIB IP library will be used in the BELA instrument which is a laser altimeter, chosen to be a payload on the European Space Agency BepiColombo satellite.


The fault tolerant LEON3 processor in combination with the radiation tolerant ACTEL RTAX2000S FPGA presents a competitive alternative to the processors currently used by the space industry. The processor is offered in standard configurations, including a floating point unit and either MIL-STD-1553, CAN or SpaceWire bus interfaces. The LEON3 on the RTAX2000S FPGA gives a performance which is higher than most space qualified processors currently available at a very competitive price.   

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