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TSIM2 ERC32/LEON simulator


TSIM is an instruction-level simulator capable of emulating ERC32- and LEON-based computer systems. TSIM provides several unique features:

  • Emulation of ERC32 and LEON2/3/4 processors (in single processor systems)
  • Superior performance: up to 60 MIPS on high-end PC (Intei i7-2600K @3.4GHz)
  • Accelerated processor standby mode, allowing faster-than-realtime simulation speeds
  • Standalone operation, remote connection to GNU debugger (gdb), and library interface
  • 64-bit time for practically unlimited simulation periods
  • Loadable modules to include user-defined I/O devices
  • Instruction trace buffer
  • Stack backtrace with symbolic information
  • Non-intrusive execution time profiling
  • Unlimited number of breakpoints and watchpoints
  • Check-pointing capability to save and restore complete simulator state
  • Code coverage monitoring
  • EDAC operation (ERC32)
  • MMU emulation (LEON3/4)
  • L2 Cache emulation (LEON4)
  • Emulation of GR712RC (one processor emulated), UT699, UT699E, UT700, AT697 and AT7913E (Spw-RTC)

TSIM is available in four configurations: ERC32, LEON2, LEON3 and LEON4 emulation. Each configuration is licensed separately.
Four host platforms are supported: Linux, Linux-x86-64, Solaris and Windows.

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