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Aeroflex Gaisler extends the GRLIB IP library with USB 2.0 Device Controller

Gothenburg, Sweden – Aeroflex Gaisler AB announced that a USB 2.0 Device Controller IP (Intellectual Property) core is now available as a part of the GRLIB IP library . The Device Controller is intended for simplifying the implementation of USB functions on AMBA-AHB based systems and supports High- and Full-Speed USB traffic. Up to 32 endpoints, each individually configurable for any of the four USB transfer types, can operate simultaneously. Either an AHB master or slave is used as the system interface, the former supporting high throughput DMA transfers and the latter offering lower complexity.

"The LEON3/GRLIB is widely used in consumer and industrial electronics. The addition of a state of the art USB 2.0 Host Device Controller core will further strengthen GRLIB for these applications," said Marko Isomäki, Hardware Design Manager at Aeroflex Gaisler AB.


The USB 2.0 Device Controller is available for licensing now, either as a stand alone IP or as part of the GRLIB IP library. The IP-core is delivered as a synthesizable soft IP in VHDL source code together with test bench and documentation. Customers can download the user’s manual directly at

The GRLIB IP Library is an integrated set of reusable IP-cores, designed for system-on-chip (SOC) development. The IP cores are centered on the common on-chip bus, and use a coherent method for simulation and synthesis. The library is vendor independent, with support for different CAD tools and target technologies. A unique plug&play method is used to configure and connect the IP cores without the need to modify any global resources. The library includes cores for AMBA AHB/APB control, the LEON3 SPARC processor, 32-bit PC133 SDRAM controller, 32-bit PCI bridge with DMA, 10/100/1000 MBit Ehernet MAC, 8/16/32-bit PROM and SRAM controller, CAN controller, TAP controller, UART with FIFO, modular timer unit, interrupt controller, and a 32-bit GPIO port. Memory and pad generators are available for Virage, Xilinx, UMC, Atmel, Altera, Actel and Lattice.

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