A Portable and Fault-Tolerant Microprocessor Based on the SPARC V8 Architecture

The architecture and implementation of the LEON-FT processor is presented. The processors tolerates transient SEU errors by using techniques such as TMR registers, on-chip EDAC, parity, pipeline restart, and forced cache miss. The first prototypes were manufactured on the Atmel ATC35 0.35 mm CMOS process, and subjected to heavy-ion fault-injection at the Louvain Cyclotron. The heavy-ion tests showed that all of the injected errors (> 100,000) were successfully corrected without timing or software impact. The device SEU threshold was measured to be below 6 MeV while ion energy-levels of up to 110 MeV were used for error injection. Presented at DSN2002, June 2002, Washington DC. Author: Jiri Gaisler.