Cobham Gaisler AB provides IP cores and supporting development tools for embedded processors based on the SPARC architecture. We specialize in digital hardware design for both commercial and aerospace applications

App & Tech Notes

Application Notes and Technical Notes

Document Description
GRLIB-AN-0001 SpaceWire FAQ
GRLIB-AN-0002 Booting a LEON system over SpaceWire RMAP. Makes use of SpWBoot-v0.3.tar.gz.
GRLIB-AN-0004 Handling of External Memory EDAC Errors in LEON/GRLIB Systems
GRLIB-AN-0005 Multi-Core Software Considerations
GRLIB-AN-0006 Interfacing the RAD1419 A/D converter with the GRLIB IP core library
GRLIB-AN-0007 Handling denormalized numbers with the GRFPU
GRLIB-AN-0009 Memory Compatibility with FTMCTRL Memory Controller
GRLIB-AN-0010 Explanation of X pessimism effect in gate level simulation
Document Description
GRLIB-TN-0001 LEON-REX Instruction Set Extension
GRLIB-TN-0002 LEON SRMMU Behaviour
GRLIB-TN-0003 GRPCI Master/Target Abort Erratum
GRLIB-TN-0004 LEON3FT Missing Nullify of Bus Access for Instruction Following Restarted Single-Cycle Load
GRLIB-TN-0005 LEON Processor Cache Controller Errata: Instruction Treated as Noncacheable Due to HCACHE Timing
GRLIB-TN-0006 GRFPU Floating-point controller (GRFPC): Store Forwarding Error After Single-precision Loads to Adjacent Registers
GRLIB-TN-0007 FTMCTRL: Failing SDRAM Access After Uncorrectable EDAC Error
GRLIB-TN-0008 GRETH ERRATUM: Overrun May Cause GRETH Receiver to Hang
LEON3FT Stale Cache Entry After Store with Data Tag Parity Error

Component Application Notes and Technical Notes

GR740 Description
GR740-VALT-0010.pdf GR740 Technical Note on Benchmarking and Validation
GR712RC Description
Excel spreadsheet
Examples of Core Supply Power Consumption of the GR712RC

Technical notes from external sources

Document Description
implementing-leon3-statistics-final.pdf Implementing the LEON3 Statistics Unit in 28nm FD-SOI: Power Estimation by Activity Proxy