AGGA4 Evaluation Kit

The AGGA4 Evaluation Kit has been designed to support development of AGGA-4-based GNSS receivers and applications. The Evaluation Kit consists of a Receiver Box and a Software Development Environment.

The AGGA-is located on the main AGGA4 Evaluation Board containing most of the digital I/O interfaces. The Evaluation Kit hardware also includes a Front-End that is available in two basic variants, one for RF input signals and one for USB-based digital input signals. Both of the variants support up to four GNSS input channels, whereof two are supported on the default-configured RF Front-End.


The Software Development Environment consists of:

  • RTEMS Cross-compiler system (RCC), free online
  • Bare-C Cross-compiler system (BCC), free online
  • GRMON2 Debug Monitor, commercial tool, supports AGGA-4 UART debug link
  •  MKPROM2 PROM image generator, free online