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GR-TMTC-0001 Telemetry & Telecommand


In this example design the telemetry encoder and telecommand decoder are implemented in an Actel FPGA. The encoder is implemented in hardware, whereas the lower layers of the decoder are implemented in hardware with the higher layers externally in software. Support is provided for additional hardware decoded command outputs and pulses. 

GR-TMTC-0001 Block diagram


  • CCSDS/ECSS compatible Telemetry Encoder and Telecommand Decoder
  • Telemetry encoder implements in hardware protocol sub-layer, synchronization & channel coding sub-layer, and part of physical layer                                             
  • Telemetry input via two bit synchronous PacketWire interfaces
  • Command link control word input via UART
  • Reed-Solomon and Convolutional encoding
  • Telecommand decoder implements in hardware synchronization & channel coding sub-layer, and part of physical layer
  • Software telecommand output via UART
  • Hardware telecommand output via 8-bit port
  • 4 Mbit/s downlink, 4 kbit/s uplink


  • This is only an example design to demonstrate what type of systems can be built using the CCSDS IP cores from Cobham Gaisler. The component is not for sale.


The telemetry encoder and telecommand decoder can be used in systems where CCSDS and ECSS compatible communication services are required. The software implementation of the higher layers of the telecommand decoder allows for implementation flexibility and accommodation of future standard enhancements. The hardware decoded command outputs and pulses do not require software and can therefore be used for critical operations. The telemetry encoder does not require any software.


Devices and packaging

The GR-TMTC-0001 is only an example design, serving as a template for custom component developments. For prices and lead times for custom component developments, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.