Mezzanine Boards

Aeroflex Gaisler / Pender Electronic Design

Product ID   Description
GR-CPCI-SER2-SPW4   Mezzanine board which provides two RS232 serial interfaces and four LVDS interfces with SpaceWire connections.
GR-CPCI-SRAM-8M   Mezzanine board for GR-CPCI board, providing 8Mbyte SRAM. This allows SRAM to be used in addition to, or instead of SDRAM.
GR-CPCI-TEST   Mezzanine board for GR-CPCI board, connecting to user expansion connectors. This provides standard 0.1" header connectors for easy hook-up to the general purpose I/O signals or for logic analyser/test connections.

The application note on mezzanine connectors describes the pin numbering used for the AMP connectors.

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