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GR-XC6S-LX75 LEON Development board

Xilinx Spartan6, XC6SLX75 FPGA stand alone FPGA development board, especially developed for LEON development, with on-board DDR2 RAM, FLASH, Ethernet, DVI/Video DAC, USB, 2x PS/2, 2x UART, PIO and user expansion connectors.

This board is provided as a kit as follows:

  • GR-XC6S-LX75 Board
  • Power Supply (100-240VAC -> 5VDC)
  • Low Cost JTAG Programming Cable
  • Interface cables (Ethernet, USB, Serial)
  • CD documentation

The Documentation includes: user's manual, complete schematics, necessary .ucf files for Xilinx place&route tools and example GRLIB/LEON3 configurations.

For LEON processor development, the CD also includes RCC/BCC cross-compiler system, Evaluation Version of GRMON and Open Source version of GRLIB/LEON3 VHDL model sources.


Document File
GR-XC6S Product description GR-XC6S_product_sheet.pdf
GR-XC6S User's Manual GR-XC6S_user_manual.pdf
GR-XC6S Assembly drawing GR-XC6S_assy_dwg_rev.pdf
GR-XC6S Dimension drawing GR-XC6S-connector_positions_rev.pdf

Comparison of the features of the GR-XC6S board against the GR-XC3S-1500 board

Tech. Note: Adding an LCD Display to the board GR-XC3S-LCD Display_TN.pdf

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