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Gaisler Research announces Linux 2.6 Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) support for the LEON3 processor

Gaisler Research AB, the leader in System on Chip (SoC) design, today announced Linux 2.6 Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP) support for the LEON3 processor. The Linux 2.6 SMP is able to automatically load balance applications across multiple LEON3 cores. The SMP support also enables developers to realize the performance potential of multicore architectures while maximizing software reuse. The combination of Linux 2.6 SMP and the LEON3 multiprocessor capability yields the most advanced hardware/software architecture for high performance systems.
- “We are proud to announce the Linux SMP support which is yet another milestone for Gaisler Research. The LEON3 and the GRLIB IP-library supports up to 16 processor cores on the same AHB bus. The Linux SMP will enable straight forward software development for such advanced multicore system,” said Jiri Gaisler founder and CTO of Gaisler Research.

The LEON3 with multiprocessor capabilities together with the GRLIB IP-library is ideally suited for SoC designs and implements plug and play capabilities, minimizing the engineering effort during the design phase. The multiprocessor solution gives higher performance while maintaining low power and clock frequency.

About Gaisler Research AB
Gaisler Research AB is a provider of SoC solutions for exceptionally competitive markets such as Aerospace, Military and demanding Commercial applications. The Gaisler Research's products consist of user-customizable 32-bit SPARC V8 processor cores, peripheral IP-cores and associated software and development tools. Gaisler Research solutions help companies develop highly competitive customer and application-specific SoC designs.