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Gaisler Research develops LEON instruction simulator with real time performance

Gaisler Research has been awarded an important development contract with the amount of 250000 Euro by ESA for a LEON instruction simulator with real time performance. The new simulator will be based on the existing TSIM Simulator but use hardware to accelerate the performance.
- "Our present simulator (TSIM) gives about 25 MIPS, the new hardware accelerated TSIM will enable simulation performance in excess of 100 MIPS. This performance will give our customers possibilities to simulate complex space systems in real time," said Jiri Gaisler, CTO & founder of Gaisler Research.

About TSIM
TSIM is a cycle true instruction-level simulator capable of emulating LEON-based computer systems. TSIM provides several unique features such as loadable modules, instruction trace buffer, stack back-trace, profiling, breakpoints, watch-points check-pointing and code coverage.

About Gaisler Research AB
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